Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lance Briggs back in court for child support drama

Brittni Tribbett is suing Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs for more child support.

Here we go AGAIN.

This started around two years ago. Briggs had three kids with three women in 14 months. And now Brittni wants to see what he pays for the other two children.

In court Wednesday, the attorney for Briggs' ex-girlfriend Brittini Tribbett requested more detailed financial statements from Briggs. Enrico Mirabelli, Tribbett's lawyer, said after the hearing he believes canceled checks and other information might shed light on how much money Briggs is shelling out in child support and related expenses for two other children.

Whoomp Whoomp. Brittni is currently getting $1,500 weekly in temporary child support. I know I know Lance signing that big $36 million contract in 2008 doesn't help but its something. That's $6000 a month! But Brittni lawyers says:

"We're looking for Lance to support Nariana as he would if the child were living with him. We want Nariana to enjoy a lifestyle as any child whose father earns a substantial income might enjoy -- certainly nothing less than he provides for his other children," Mirabelli said.

So $6,000 a month can't provide that lifestyle? Brittni is still crying that she is living in an apartment with her mother. Why? Does the child have an illiness we don't know about? Or is it anger and jealously because he promised to marry her and he left her? I don't understand. How many clothes and toys does a 2 year old need? The lifestyle that baby would have if she was living with Lance would be what? A nanny and a personal BMW 745 to go to Toys R' Us? I know some beautiful places Brittni and her daughter can live. Marshall's carry desgner baby clothing. Im being hard on her because I don't understand this big azz mess. How many single mother's out there are getting $100 a month! Or nothing!

I guess Brittni feels she is entitled to what the law states : 20% of the father's income for the first baby and 10% for all children after. I think her child was not the first born so Brittni is looking for $600,000 a year which would be $50,000 a month? Ha ha ha.... goodluck. I guess she's still living with mama because that child support is going to those lawyer fees.

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lets get this straight "sneakerette" - I don't care. 1) this post I from 2009, I have moved on honey 2) I don't care if she was carrying Hermes in grade school

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