Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fefe Dobson is back and thinks Rihanna is a copycat?

I know you've heard the name FeFe Dobson. Even if it is in relation to
Rihanna and the swagger jacking Rihanna (supposedly) did. FeFe is back
with a new album and it seems that maybe just maybe she felt Rihanna
jacked her too.

She talked to

"Turns out, she just took a hiatus (3 years) after being dropped from
her Island Def Jam (home of another similarly-styled, newly anointed
"rebel"). "

Here are some excerpts

Honey Magazine: You were already on Def Jam when Rihanna signed,
FD: I was first I was signed to Def Jam in 2003. I think she was signed
in 2005

Honey: Basically, her career did not affect yours whatsoever?
FD: I wasn't associated with it anymore, but do I get comparison… all
over the place. To me, again, we are different. It's like
Avril-syndrome. You ask me now, and yes, we are both black but it's
not the same music. She might have some guitars on her thing but what is
that? It doesn't make it the same music.

Honey: That's my point. The image thing — to go so extreme, from
dancehall reggae queen girl to cool, punky, rocker-chick. People say
Rihanna bit your style.
FD: I mean, for sure I question that, but who wouldn't. She is
supposedly a fan of mine. I try to take it as a compliment. It gets a
little much when she starts getting the same tattoos as me but overall I
just want people to separate the image and listen to the music. It's
about the music. Its like Prince and Michael Jackson, totally different
artists. Or its like Kanye West and Jay-Z. So what? They are both black
men, they sound different. So they both wear jeans, they are different.
And why would you want the same type of artist?

Honey: People are definitely doing an image comparison.
FD: To me, dressing is like an expression. You don't have to be crazy
or whatever. Just wear whatever you want to wear.

Honey: I think you can tell when it's contrived and when it's
FD: I agree. I do have to say one thing though, her songs are well
written. I know Ne-Yo writes some stuff and he is an amazing writer but
we're just different.

Honey: Have you guys met?
FD: Yeah, I met her when she was the dance hall queen with the long
hair. She was a nice girl but very quiet.

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