Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boooooo get off the stage

For the second edition:

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1) R.Kelly: From fighting child pornography cases, publicist quitting, having problems with male artists who tour with him, to not so great reviews of his concert performances (too many skits)… can we finally say…….boooooo get off the stage (and in cell block 8)??

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2) Saleisha
Ok, ok who really watches top model anymore?? I do but only because I just love the predictable eliminations, the lame photoshoots, the stereotyped black bitch, someone fainting or going to the hospital every season! But anyway, I thought I was the only one who noticed Tyra’s favoritism this season towards Saleisha…..not true.

Rumors are circulating of Saleisha being the big winner due to 1) she attended Tyra’s T-Zone camp 2) she was on an episode of Tyra’s talk show last year (she appears a little before the 4 minute mark HERE ) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Dare I say Top Model could be rigged and have to……… Boooooooo get off the stage?



Marleaux said...

Yeah, Kells is getting to be a bit much. As time goes by he's getting raunchier. He's going to be doing duo with Luke in a minute.

And I don't watch ANTM anymore, but I'm lmao, cause Saleisha does look like Dora in the pic above.

Forever Signature said...

Well after reading this info on Saleisha, boooo is right!!! ANTM is just entertainment. I laugh at all the ones that don't won't to be models that make it on the show in the first place. At least when it started the ladies did want to be there and learn something. How at this late of date, you telling the photogs you don't want to take your clothes off or hang from somewhere when its the same thing every season, lol!

Love the blog, btw, I'll be adding it to my links.

Hip Hop Made me do it said...

Wow she does look like that cartoon.. If they do a movie, I guess she would be the best choice.

But yeah, Saleisha should be disqualified or Tyra needs to make a statement and clear things up.