Monday, December 31, 2007

Booooo get off the stage

I know, I know--- I’ve been M.I.A. on these particular posts for a while. Why?? I’ve been fed up with everyone and also had a mild case of writers block. So for this week’s edition, get out your brooms and
nominate whom you want to “Boooo get off the stage” and not see for 2008

Promoters and their 5,000 emails. We get it---you are having a party. But I do not need 5,000 emails everyday in my inbox reminding me. If I want to come I will put it on my calendar but by aggravating me I’m putting you on my do not attend list. So for 2008 keep it to 1 a day because emailing me 5,000 times mean you don’t have a good list and no one will be there anyway.

Uptight bloggers:
The ones you email and wont exchange links with you because they are scared you’re going to step on their toes and steal their shine?? Ummm huh.

So guys leave your nominations in the comment section

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This blogger world is new to me but I'm seeing how sensitive these people really are! LOL!
They need to take a vitamin or something...........