Thursday, December 6, 2007

Donda West's last interview

Donda West spoke to Souleo, a Brown University student two days before her death about her book, “Raising Kanye”. The college student has sold the interview to Sister2Sister magazine on stands December 11th. Before selling the story he did get permission from the West family. He gave the Chicago Sun-Times audio and a transcript of the story.

In Wright's half-hour phone interview, Donda West covers everything from what she learned in raising her rap icon son to societal ills she hoped to address with the recently launched Kanye West Foundation. She sounds relaxed, retrospective and content.

"Kanye is in Generation X. ... We didn't have all of the distractions ... television and the kinds of shows that are on television ... ways that kids can get on the Internet and be exposed to things that they shouldn't be exposed to ... radio and how it appears to be more concerned with making the almighty dollar than putting out music that is mindful and thoughtful. ... And drugs. ...

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