Monday, December 24, 2007

Kanye's Spin interview

Why? I applied a lot of the things I learned on tour [in 2006] with U2 and the Rolling Stones, about songs that rock stadiums. And they worked!

How did playing to those crowds change your approach to making Graduation? I way simplified my rap style on this record. [Those crowds] were looking at me like, "I don't know what you're talking about."

By simplified, do you mean fewer words or leaner rhyme schemes? Everything. Fewer words. If you come in the room and say one thing, it better be the most powerful thing.

What else changed in your approach? Before, the music was more self-indulgent, and now it's more about everyone.

You're talking about the lyrics? I'm talking lyrics and chorus-wise -- giving them something to sing along with. Even a song like "Can't Tell Me Nothing," that's a rock chorus over straight ghetto drums.
And what foods would fall into that category? White-people food? You know what it is. You never ate fried chicken and said, "This tastes white." It's America. People know the stereotypes. I play to the stereotypes. I believe in the stereotypes. And I submit to them. [Affects a black, Southern accent] "Man, black people sure can cook some chicken! And I'ma get some black chicken."

I'm trying to gauge if you're being sincere or facetious. It is what it is. A lot of things that are funny have truth in them. So my music is a mix between some good Harold's Chicken and...

He predicted:
The 2008 Grammy nominations will have been announced by the time this story comes out. What would you like to have happen this year? Um, I want to have the most nominations of all time? I was always the kid who, when asked how much money do you want, said, "Thirty trillion dollars!"

He also speaks on his relationship with his father, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and MTV. Read the rest HERE
Also Entertainment Weekly named "Can't Tell Me Nothing" as the sixth best song of '07 and Lupe's The Cool as the 10th best album of '07

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