Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kelly appeared in court, may face jail time

Kelly leaving court today

Today Judge Vincent Gaughan expressed his disappointment in Kelly as he says he will consider jailing him which means Kelly can’t tour. The judge continued to state that Kelly was given chances after he granted him to travel around the country on a 45-city tour. Originally he was supposed to appear Tuesday but the court made an exception and switched to Wednesday.

Friday the judge will hear arguments on whether his bail should be revoked and he will set a trial.

Kelly has appeared in court over 100 times and asked to travel out of town 30 times.

Watch the video of Kelly leaving

This issue was a hot topic on radio stations, at jobs and everywhere today. People are getting impatient. As one person said, "They need to either acquit him or try him." What shocks me are the people in the video standing out supporting him, screaming not guilty and women nearly fainting over him. The ignorance is sad

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