Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nailah Franklin case - new evidence

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More information is surfacing on the case against Reginald Potts the man charged with Nailah Franklin's murder. He was seen on her apartment building tapes lurking in hallways and the parking garage. Early in September, Franklin sent an e-mail to her friends discussing his criminal past. He is notorious for years ago escaping the Federal building here in Downtown Chicago and calling and taunting the FBI about it. Potts found out about the emails and told Franklin he could have her erased.

On Sept 10, she filed a police report and gave a friend her e-mail password “in case anything happened to her.” On Sept 18, his cell phone records showed him within a half mile of her condo and after 7 p.m. heading south on the Dan Ryan. Both Franklin and Potts cell phone records show them near 159th Street in Calumet City, traveling east in Calumet City and the area where Franklin’s body was found.

After Potts dumped her body he took her car and dumped it in Hammond, Indiana. He called a friend to pick him up. Later with her cell phone he called 911 three times and hung up to make it look as though she was still alive. He could face the death penalty in this case.


Mei said...

This is so tragic we as young women have to be so careful with whom we date. I applaud Nailah for being brave and standing up for what she believed in she was not too intimidated to report his behavior to authorities and that was really smart to provide her email address password to a friend. He thought he is smart but she proves even today that she was the brilliant one.

LexyB said...

Yes we do have to be careful. I just wish she hadn't met him at the resturant that night.