Saturday, December 29, 2007

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

Mischa Barton (pic) was arrested for suspicion of DUI, possession of narcotics and driving on a suspended license.. also rapping about jailhouse rock--Young Joc arrested on trying to board a plane with a LOADED gun. He arrived to court hours and I mean hours late and missed being a fugitive by a milli-second

Scary Spice oldest daughter’s father has filed for custody …. Singer Brandy has been cleared of causing that fatal accident last year

Remember when I reported that Jay Z was leaving Def Jam?? Its true, he is resigning and no longer the Pres as of Jan 1st....speaking of retirement Judge Hatchett has given up the gavel

Victoria Secret models get naked (pic above) in French Photo magazine's issue celebrating 20 years of Supermodels…… Paris Hilton granddaddy will be donating most of his money to charity…. Time to put in a lil more work!

Snoop has a son outside of his marriage? Okay, and??? But the illegitimate son wants a starring role on Snoop’s reality show

Rev Run, Justine and his family has adopted a baby girl named, Miley Justine Simmons ……Kenya Moore did not get married…. speaking of rings, Fergie is engaged and so is Jessica Alba. Tis the season for babies and weddings

LeToya Luckett album will be released June 10, 2008…Nas's album Ni***r has a cover (pic above)….. Fake Shore Drive asks 30 questions about hip-hop that makes sense (cough, cough: VIBE u listening)

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ImLudaChris said...

the Nas album cover is......Umm it's kinda hot....I'm just tryin to Imagine seeing the poster in best buy...and the Little white kids reading it to there Moms..."What's a nigger?" LOL and SMH

oh and I still love Selita :)