Saturday, January 19, 2008

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

Britney wears her reception dress out and about with her new beau, visitation with her kids is not restored…she picks up a pregnancy test….she comes out of store dressing room naked.. she talks in British accent

Want to
see ALL the contestants for top model cycle 10??

will launch her second Umbrella collection from umbrella maker Totes….
Marc Jacobs named new purse after Rihanna… shes in the new instyle (pic)

Indiana University students will form the first hip hop frat....Some celebs (Mary,50,Timberland) was accused of receiving steroids....New York says its not her in the sex tape….

Oprah is getting her own network....Terrell Owens cries over lost game.....Nate Dogg paralyzed after stroke

In baby news: Jessica Alba says she loves being pregnant....Eva Longoria not preggers, Beyonce may be? And Fergie?? Lily Allen suffered a miscarriage

Marriage news:
Jenna Bush to marry May 10th...Eddie Murphy and Tracy

Mariah Carey’s new album, That Chick tracklist released

Lindsay Lohan will be working at a morgue as part of punishment for misdemeanor drunk driving

Lil Wayne amd Birdman for Ed Hardy
PS: Tattoo themed print is over people!! These are the same makers who brought you Von Dutch

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