Thursday, January 3, 2008

Scottie Pippen-- Bulls head coach?

Scottie Pippen wants the job as Chicago Bulls Head coach. "What's my
disadvantage?" Pippen asked. "No NBA coaching experience? [Scott]
Skiles' record with the Bulls wasn't that great. It doesn't take a
rocket scientist to do what you've done your whole life. I've played
basketball, run teams and won.”

Well ok, someone just please come and help out all Chicago teams

But now I’m hearing that won’t happen due to Pippen downgrading
players for the Bulls in interviews. He said about Ben Wallace, “I'd
say I need more effort from him. I need positive numbers in
rebounds….he's not playing with four All-Stars anymore.. You don't
pay a rebounder $15 million.”

Ben Gordon:
It's his shot selection. You take those bad shots, you're
sitting down. He's out there shooting for a contract. Those shots are
out of position, your teammates don't expect them, you are not in
position to rebound and get back. Taking bad shots is a sign of a lack
of respect for your teammates

Kirk Hinrich:
"He just needs direction. He's guarding Kobe, Tracy McGrady, the best
players. He's not that talented.

Oh boy. Is he right or should he just shut up??


Eb the Celeb said...

I agree with Scottie... and you dead wrong for using that mugshot as the


He right.....sometimes the truth hurts.But sometimes,its exactly what you need to hear to perform better. I think Scottie will work as Bulls coach. He definitely deserves a chance.