Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Donda West Law" proposed

Amina Carter, a California Assemblywoman is sponsoring new legislation that would require all patients receiving elective plastic surgery to receive clearance from a licensed doctor. The law is named 'Donda West Law' on behalf of Kanye West's family. The law would ensure that patients are healthy enough to endure the rigors of general anesthesia.

Yolanda Anderson, a niece of Donda West, reached out to Carter to suggest the legislation.
"I didn't want her death to be in vain," said Anderson, 45. "I wanted her name to live on so this wouldn't happen to other people." She spoke with Kanye on Friday afternoon while he's on tour in Australia and told him of Carter's involvement.
"He is ecstatic and very grateful," Anderson said. "He said, 'You started this. Now run with it and let me know how I can help."'

This law will only affect the cosmetic operations in California so Anderson wants similar legislation pushed in Illinois, where Dr. West lived for many years, as well as Oklahoma, where she was born. Kanye West also suggested New York, where his mother did business on his behalf.

News Via Eurweb.com

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