Saturday, February 2, 2008

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

Eva Longoria added an ambigram (pic) of husband Tony Parker’s jersey on her neck…. I have no idea what it is either

New batman poster (pic)

Gwen Stefani pregnant with second child

Making the Band boys’ name is Day 26. Let me guess the number of days it took to come up with the name?

Britney goes to pych ward and father is named co-conservator……… Eva Mendes in rehab for substance abuse

Jared ‘the subway guy’ wife’s gets lots of bread in divorce

50 made Paris Hilton cry at her own party

The new Miss America is missing a tooth….don’t worry she has a cap

Christian Brando
, eldest son of the late famed actor Marlon Brando

1 comment:

Marleaux said...

What happened to that chile's tooth, lmao. That's just not normal.

Day 26??? I don't even want to know what it means.