Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UPDATE: Will the Daniels', R.Kelly PLEASE exit stage left?

Photo- Sun-Times

Well, well Maxine went to Sun-Times to talk to Stella Foster about the whole R.Kelly relationship:

I take full responsibility for my actions. My stepmother and father didn't know about my relationship with the singer because I knew and he knew that they wouldn't approve ...

I am 21, smart (do smart people steal credit cards and charge them up at Wal-mart??) and will be graduating from college this year, but I admit that I was swept up by his charming and generous ways, which I truly regret and have learned from."

Read the rest of the tragic mess .... oh and step mommy said she has never tried to get money out of Kelly.


This is ridiculous. The reason behind the story leaking about R.Kelly and George Daniels’ daughter, Maxine? According to Bill Zwecker:

My Kelly camp insider says this is all about the fact that Regina Daniels has been seeking "a healthy six-figure settlement" from Kelly "to go away quietly. . . . When she learned she wasn't going to get it, she and her husband decided to go this route as a way to collect."

I need all four to exit stage left, hold hands and jump. Plus I need the prosecutors to subpoena the Daniels regarding their statement that the young girl in the tape now lives with Kelly.

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