Friday, March 7, 2008

UPDATE: America's Top Liar?


It seems that our Top Model may have truth issues? It is being reported that Jaslene Gonzales was not truthful in the statement that her ex-boyfriend mentally and physically abused her. Or she lied about them no longer an item. Last weekend Jalsene was seen here
in Chicago at ‘Ontourage’ with her sister and the
‘abuser’. The abuse was some of the problem with Jaslene not selected for cycle 7 of Top Model and returning after extra therapy in cycle 8.

It seems that someone is familiar with Ms. Jaslene and her antics.... this was posted for comments but I decided to publicly submit:

Yes she is a liar, her and ner "abusive" boyfriend never broken up in the first place. she lied about her leaving him he actually drove her to colorado for the audition to be on the show. he was also present in town with her when she won ANTM. and to put it alll out there she wasn't so innocent either she was just as abusive to him as he was to her. she was @ club "ONTOURAGE" 03/02/08 celebrating his b-day with him it was his party, and it wasn;t her sister she was with it was his. just to clear that up. but really I don't beleve she deserves to be any type of spoke woman for abusive teens( she needs to be exposed for lying about breaking up with her "ex" because clearly she never did and that was the lie. and awful lie...

Photo Taken by Kevin Sinclair

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