Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright controversy


Many know that Obama has close ties with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright , the
pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ here in Chicago. He has used the topic of a Wright sermon, "the audacity of hope," as the title of his most recent best-selling book.

Recently the spread of Youtube videos shows Rev Wright and some sermons
that have made Obama publicly renounce his pastor last week.

“Rev. Wright married him, introduced him, as he said, to the church, brought him into the church, into Christianity, baptized his
children,” Axelrod said. “So this is a painful thing for him because he condemns the things Rev. Wright said, but he also knows him as a person.” Axelrod is Obama’s chief strategist.

Topics that the Rev has spoken about?

1) Senator Clinton can never know what it means to be a black man in America, and, she has never been called the "n" word.
2) Bill Clinton did to black people what he did to Monica Lewinski, "he was riding dirty." In other words, Bill Clinton had an intimate relationship with a mesmerized young woman with no intention of treating
her with dignity or respect. The impact of the three strikes laws on the African American community and funding of prisons to the detriment of education and healthcare is a prime example.
3) the American government lied about the connection of Al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein, the connection of 9/11 to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and weapons of mass destruction

He is now being charged as being associated with a racist and anti-American minister by white Americans and lacking allegiance by African American ministers. There has been no focus on John McCain's spiritual advisors or the Reverend Billy Graham
who was heard on tape speaking against the Jewish people to former president Richard Nixon.

---- Lecia Shorter/ coloumnist

I have not seen the sermons BUT the list
above does not seem any different than some of the beliefs and ideals we
have been hearing from other leaders. Personally I have attended many
services at Trinity and have not been shocked and appalled at the Rev
and anything he has said. Running for the President’s seat seems to bring out the evil monkey from the closet (you know the one on Family


Who points and terrifies you. I believe
that Obama is terrified at what this would do to his Presidential run and he has disassociated himself with the Rev. After all, with the Clintons’ their evil monkey (Monica L/ voting for the war/smear
tactics) has been out in the open for years so what do they have to

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