Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama's 'The View' appearance

Interesting things he said??

How he survives: take constructive criticism…. Not everything you say will make everyone happy

Barbara Walters: we think you are very sexy looking (I think so too)

On Rev Wright:
1) he has retired 2) he was in a time warp when he made those statements
Had he not retired or acknowledged the sermons then Obama wouldn’t have stayed at the church
To Elizab*$ch: Imagine someone takes the 5 stupidest things you have said and replays them over and over for 2 weeks…. Ha!!

First 3 things he would do if President:
1) call in joint chief of staff: new mission… withdrawal in Iraq
2) legislation for everyone to have healthcare
3) Deal with Energy crisis
“I’m skinny but I’m tough”

How he handles attacks: answer honestly, swiftfully, forcefully, truthfully. The truth is a powerful weapon
He handled himself very well. To watch all four parts go to

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