Saturday, March 29, 2008

Outside of the box….

Y is Aubrey (Danity Kane) with Jenna Jameson the porn star??? Wait, wait…. I get it! Do u??

Tyra Banks' stalker is set free…. To kill her tv ideas?? (hopefully)…speaking of model behavior:
" Bravo show judge NINA GARCIA and competition winner CHRISTIAN SIRIANO pay a visit to “Ugly Betty” airing during May sweeps (Tranny fierce)

Eve will be a "bejeweled spokesmodel" when she helps Cartier design their Love Charity bracelet. the Love Charity program sells limited-edition baubles, with all proceeds going to good causes. Another female rapper will be wearing handcuffs and chains as jewelry: Remy Ma was found guilty on four charges of assault after “accidentally” shooting her friend over $3,000. She faces five to twenty five years
UPDATED: Papoose, has spoken out - in an email to MTV - announcing that they (him and Remy) will tie the knot in prison NEXT WEEK

Jamie Lynn Spears
: already pregnant and rumors of an engagement hits the fan while she registers for gifts at Babies R Us…….. Wet Seal will launch a new collection of tops designed by Ashlee Simpson in conjunction with her third CD release, BITTERSWEET WORLD

Fantasia recently diagnosed with polyps on her vocal cords, they are not cancerous a source has stated.

A Woman in Georgia is saying “Mike Epps, you ARE the father.” But she won’t submit to a paternity test…. Wonder what his wife, Michelle, here in Chicago thinks????

Rappers Delight: T.I. has pled guilty will stay out of jail for one year while doing 1000 hours of community service (preaching to the kiddies how NOT to get Caught) and then push on to jail for a year……50 Cent has a new video game hitting the shelves, “50 Cent: Blood in the Sand”

Outkast's road manager Chase Tatum was found dead at his home in Atlanta of an apparent drug overdose on Sunday

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