Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicago Sunshine: R.Kelly & court, Kanye concert, Common in love

Common and Serena are turning up the heat on their romance. From People:

This past weekend in Miami, where they went club-hopping hand-in-hand. The new couple were spotted Saturday night holding hands at a Knight'sHead Microbrew party at the South Beach haunt Mokai --- later at Prive nightclub

Williams appears to fit the description of Common's ideal woman. "I'm attracted to women that are strong in the sense of who they are," herecently told PEOPLE. "I like women who have power to them, but can still be ladylike and that have their own dreams."
R.Kelly and his investors were swindled out of a lot of money during the 'Double Up' tour by promoter Leonard Rowe. A lawsuit has been filed against Rowe. He is being charged with selling shares of the tour to investors and the contract Kelly had stated no shares was to be sold.

The first reviews of Kanye's Glow In The Dark tour has been released :

He not only took the concert experience to a new level, he took it to a new
planet.It was a magnificent, thrilling, uplifting, sensory experience, unlike
any other pop concert before it. West has rethought the whole idea of live
performance, from the staging to the lighting to the overall message.

Using raps and songs from his entire career, he tells a story of a quest
for love, knowledge and recognition. He returns to Planet Earth with the
hard-won wisdom that life is a gift and every day a miracle

A fan recorded the first concert, hard to hear but the visuals are amazing.....

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