Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chicago Music News: Hotstylz, Michelle, Jennifer

Yung Joc has a new imprint, Swagg Team Entertainment. His label has inked a deal with Jive Records to release the debut album by Chicago trio Hotstylz, who created an online sensation with a satirical track that has since been renamed “Lookin’ Boy.”

“I wanted to put together a team of artists and opportunists to change the pace of music as we know it right now, as far as Hip-Hop and R&B is concerned,” Joc told.

He discovered Hotstylz accidentally, when he was introduced to them by radio and club DJ Hershey, who had downloaded the audio from the group’s YouTube video.
The new video for “Lookin’ Boy,” which Joc says closely follows Hotstylz’ original clip, is set to hit airwaves on May 12.
Read the whole intereview here and listen to the track below ( I must confess, it’s a guily pleasure for me)

That Grape Juice has an exclusive intereview with Michelle Williams about several issues including her Gospel critics, the constant comparisons to her band mates Beyonce and Kelly as well as serving up the 'Unexpected' with her new record.

Quote: Actually there is absolutely no truth to the Henry Simmons rumours. In a way, I’d wish these rumours would stop popping up because it’s messing up my opportunities…
Read the wonderful interview here

Also, Michelle Williams wowed the crowd here in Chicago at the Underground (I wonder is she still lovey dovey with BillyDec??) -- singing the single ''We Break the Dawn''

Hopefully you know Jennifer Hudson will be playing Carrie’s assistant in Sex and the City movie and her song, All Dressed Up In Love for the soundtrack has leaked. Listen here

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