Friday, May 16, 2008

Update: Lance Briggs baby mother drama times 3!

Well well it seems Mr Lance Briggs and his baby mother troubles are
times three.

Wednesday of this week Brittini Tribbett (above) was in court asking for emotional and financial support for her daughter. But the juicy??? ANOTHER woman, Yesenaya Toledo, a 20-year-old Chicago woman was standing by, pregnant with Briggs baby. Briggs is not even in Chicago.
Guess where he is???? In Arizona with a third baby mother who recently had ANOTHER baby girl with him.

Briggs denies knowing Toledo but Tribbetts attorney stated that he
has been providing her with cash.

Briggs and Tribbetts attorneys are close to settling a confidential settlement in regards to the paternity claim filed.

BUT thats not it for Mr Briggs:
He is due back in court on June 19th to explain why he left Chicago without permission. This is following that crash last summer when he wrecked his Lamborghini and later admitted to leaving the scene of the accident. The judge also wants an update on Briggs' community service and how he plans to complete it. He has completed two hours with 118
remaining, which needs to be completed in the next five months.

Ohhh ohhh teacher, I have the answer: he only completed two hours because he thought the other 118 was for making babies!!!

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