Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Shorty" is the alleged victim in the R. Kelly case

So it seems that I was wrong kiddies! Last week I stated that a witnessat the R. Kelly trial stated his son was in singing group with the victim. That’s true but and lo and behold the group did have ties to R. Kelly. The group, 4 the Cause was comprised of siblings Ms.Lady (16) and J-Man (15), and their cousins Shorty (13) and Bennie (15).

It seems Shorty is the girl in the R. Kelly sex video (and the pic above) ……
Shorty's father is a musician and producer who worked with R. Kelly. The focused teenagers also take part in some teenactivities: Shorty is the star of her basketball team, an actress andthe goddaughter of R. Kelly.

"Stand By Me," a perky rendition of the Ben E. King hit, has ignited abonfire of multi-platinum international success in Europe. MTV Europehas embraced them and the sales of this single are breaking records in Germany and other reaches far from the group's Chicago roots.