Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New couple alert: Jaslene and Yung Berg

Rumorville with pics:
Jaslene Gonzalez is dating rapper Yung Berg.... In the pics they were spotted shopping together last Friday at Cartier on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

  • were hooked up by mutual friends who thought they'd get along perfectly

  • Jaslene was really into Yung Berg's music, though she was initially nervous about going out with a hip-hop star

  • Berg always thought "she was fly" and was definitely open to getting to know Jaslene

  • Young Berg performed for Jaslene's birthday party at Visions nightclub in Chicago

  • A rep for the two played down the relationship, only offering that "they are good friends."
Those pictures above scream 'photo-op'.....So I guess she's through with her abusive boyfriend??!!!.... U guys STILL need more people. I don't believe you!!!

My anonymous commenter.... look up Brandy Middleton on Myspace and holla at ya girl!


LaShonda said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah PHOTO OP!!!!!!! Like either one of them can afford a damn thang in Cartier!

Anonymous said...

i do not think there dating this is the only photo they have togther and i talk to a friend of her's and she said that they are just friend they can be friends and people are goin to makethings up sayin they dat but there not he datin drew sidora know that's who he's dating i have so many pic of then together

Anonymous said...

hey mrs.windy city do you have a my space so i can send you the pics of yung berg with drew sidora