Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama and the Access Hollywood controversy

Everyone is talking about Barack and Michelle Obama with their children and the interview with Access Hollywood. The problem? Malia’s grown-up demeanor. Bloggers and radio hosts as well as others are saying that she was acting too grown, disrespectful, and shouldn’t be on camera.

I think Malia was excited to be on camera and maybe over “acted” to the camera OR she was just BEING HERSELF. I did not see a problem with her telling her daddy don’t shake children’s hands. I think the problem with people and this interview is that these black children are well educated and well spoken. This is being mistaken as disrespecting parents.

From Message boards:
· Sweet Mango Says:
I think Malia Obama spoke very well in the interview clips that I have seen so far. I’m happy to see that she is able to speak and articulate herself like she did.
I wish more of our children were able to articulate in the manner in which she did.
· Bird Says:
Oh no you didn’t say she was too grown. That totally caught me off guard. I expected you to marvel at how well spoken and intelligent she was. I guess you prefer her to speak improper english and sport a tight blue mini skirt and mid-drift top ensemble.

Personally I think that Access should have conducted the more personal and intimate side of the adult conversation only with Michelle and Barack. The children were there and seemed to interject but we all know that the media does things to make others look negative or positive and I think Access Hollywood as well as an Obama advisor should have thought a little more carefully about the interview.

As of today Barack has decided that the children will no longer participate in public interviews anymore. Barack Obama said it was a mistake to allow his daughters to be interviewed, “We were having a birthday party, and everybody was laughing. And suddenly this thing cropped up. I didn’t catch it quickly enough. I was surprised by the attention it received.”

He cannot even show the world how close his family is without media jumping on his back. Everything he does is critiqued to the highest power. “Most presidential candidates do not interject their family on the public. They remain behind the scenes only seen when it is an event.” Well Barack is different, he has shown us that with his campaign and now with letting the world get to see the dynamics of a good supportive family. What’s wrong with that?

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