Friday, July 11, 2008

UPDATE: On the Yung Berg disliking dark skinned women-- an apology, of course

UPDATE: I want to apologize to every woman across the world,” Yung Berg told remorsefully. “I would never want to offend any women of any race because I love women so much. You can tell by the music that I make that women mean the world to me. My mother is a lovely dark skin lady…I’m totally sorry and hope I didn’t offend any of my fans that have love for YB.”

To watch the pitiful apology, hit up here

You STILL need more people. Where is Rev Al Sharpton????


Yung Berg recently did a radio interview in which he stated that he
doesn’t like women that are darker than him. It went like this:

“Like Im kinda racist.,,, I don’t really like dark butts. You know
how some women prefer light men or dark skin dudes? It’s rare I do
dark butts… no darker than me. I like the pool test. Its like ‘yo
baby I met you in the club lets go back to my house and jump in the
pool, exactly like you are’ …and you don’t come out looking better
than you got in the pool, that’s not a good look

Dude doesn’t even have a pool to go back too!! I went to high school
with this midget wack ass dude. BUT it’s a shame because I know guys
who think the same way ….. we’re in 2008….. damn shame