Monday, October 6, 2008

Maino gives Yung Berg the business.... a slap down

Last Thursday Yung Berg was slapped at an
Atlanta nightclub by Brooklyn rapper Maino. Maino confirmed the
incident to Hot 93.7s Jenny Boom Boom on Friday.

Maino claimed that Berg approached him disrespectfully and he was
forced to react.
He was a little disrespectful so I had to clean him up a little bit,
you know, just give him a little togetherness, Maino revealed.
This kid is a little boy to me and I like him. We've been on tour all summer together, I like him. He put me on his remix but I dont
know what his problem was last night.
I had seen him earlier in the day and we performed at the same
concert and for some reason at the club he approached me and said 'Ayo,
I heard you was talking reckless about me'. I said 'What? He said 'Yeah, I heard you were talking reckless
about me. So his body language and his mannerisms lead me to believe
he was being disrespectful to me, so I
so I slapped him, explained Maino.

I tried to sober him up because something was wrong with him. I still
like him, Maino stressed. He kept
his jewelry, everything is cool! Things could have been worse for him.
Now you think about what happened last night and you think about what
happened to him in Detroit, now you understand why he got beat up and
his chain took.
I still like this kid. I just feel he headed
in the wrong direction. He got the wrong people around him. You don't
walk up to a man like that unless you already have intentions of it
going somewhere. If you put me on defense, Im gonna react thats
just how I am.
Shout out to his people for apologizing. Apology accepted. You
should not address people in that kind of manner. Thats all.
I guess Maino gave the business to him

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