Friday, November 7, 2008

After the win: Race and Obama


I was very unsure if I wanted to touch on this subject and as I write this I am still leary. It seems that a lot of blacks are having problems (with others) after the win.

First before we touch on that, Emails have been received by some people asking if I would write about how there were some situations that happened the night of the win. Here in Chicago I heard that in the Englewood (one of the toughest) neighborhoods they were shooting guns. I also heard that in the 100’s (another known area) a majority of business windows were smashed. I don’t want to be the person who shines light on this negativity because after all the media didn’t. After seeing police cars with the windows taped for protection against breakage, I have to ask myself what does other nationalities really think. If Obama lost we would have taken to the street and burned down the city or the country? I am truly sadden at that thought but furious if there were indeed violence perpretrated by blacks

I’m black I get it, but if people didn’t change after Justice Marshall, Colin
Powell, or Condi Rice I’m sure we’re in for the same ole same ole. Folks don’t
understand that the people have to change too. If you are not willing to change
your ways how can you expect anyone to change theirs.

Reports or rather I will say stories are running rampet that blacks are having problems or getting fired from their jobs. Clients (that were white) are now calling and giving big problems. I don’t want to believe this. Maybe this is true, I did have a friend call me and say that his co-workers have not spoken to him in two days. I mean, really? Over a black man being elected by the people to be President? If this is happening I would hope that everyone takes the high road because we cannot go four years with an attitude and beating up everyone.

Watching Obama take the high road while being attacked taught me
something…people can be ugly…but you don’t have to lower yourself to their
level. Now granted…if the election would have went the other way…black folk
would have been cutting up too…so ignorance like what I talked about above and
what you saw at Bank of America should be forgiven for a short period of time.
This will give us the time to practice…we need to work on using our minds more
(as you have said many times) and our hands and expletives less. Self defense is
one thing…not thinking is another.
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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now i can say president of the undited states of america. now the real work begins cause most folk a Pay check away from a pink slip

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