Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kanye's mothers' death blamed on nephew??

A year after Donda West death, California authorities have launched a probe into the possible role of Donda West's nephew, Stephan Scoggins, 46.
He was supposed to be taking care of Donda but left her to go to a baby shower the day after her surgery

According to an autopsy report, a heavily-bandaged West was able to walk out of the medical facility after nearly five and a half hours of surgery last November. The report further stated, "[West] opted to return to her home for care even though she was advised that she receive post-operative care at another facility."

That night, West took Vicodin for pain, slept and felt better in the morning. Later in the day, a source tells PEOPLE, Scoggins left West's home to attend a baby shower and was unreachable when her condition worsened. investigators are looking into the possibility that Scoggins administered too much Vicodin in a short period of time
Dr Jan Adams, the doctor that performed the procedure, have been cleared of any wrong doing in the case.

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