Sunday, January 25, 2009

UPDATED: Eddie Curry's baby mother, Nova Henry and her daughter fatally shot

UPDATED 1/26/09

Authorities have released a man who they wanted to talk to in
connection with the murders

The man once had a romantic relationship with Henry and served as a
lawyer for her, a source close to the investigation said. The man was
charged with trespassing on Sunday after he refused to leave the Comfort
Inn near Michigan City, Ind., at his checkout time, the LaPorte County
Sheriff's Office said today.

He was arrested after 11 a.m., and at some point in the day, Chicago
police attempted to talk to him, said LaPorte County Chief Deputy James
Sosinski. He was later released on bond, Sosinski said.

More and more gruesome details are emerging about this case. I don’t
want to repeat them so I will give the link of the Sun-Times story

Nova Henry, 24, and her infant daughter, Ava, were found at about 6 p.m. in the 0-99 block of West 15th Street, police said. Officers found Henry's 3-year-old son -- Curry's, according to the source -- in the Burnham Station apartment unharmed.

Henry's mother found her daughter and granddaughter in the apartment, officials said.

A source close to Curry -- a married father of four -- said the basketball player maintains that he is not the father of Ava Henry.

Court records show that Nova Henry filed two separate petitions to establish parentage in November 2005 and September 2008.

The source said that Curry is very active in his son's life.

A man who identified himself as Henry's uncle said she had been having domestic problems with a boyfriend, but police would not comment.


UPDATED: Chicago police plan to question a man who was the subject of a protection order granted in 2007 to Nova, he was found in Michigan City but police would not describe him as a suspect . A family member was seen on the news saying that it was Nova's (ex) boyfriend, the lawyer they were looking for.

And according to a source/close friend of Nova:

He knew that was his baby,and he was secretly taking care of it. I say
secretly because he never stopped dating Nova, The family and friends have
pictures. His wife suspected it was his child and Novas lawyer boyfriend knew it
was.(she got pregnant and had the baby while they were dating)

I (Mrs Windy) knew of her (ex) boyfriend and the source is accurate about the baby situation. Her (ex) also has a young daughter and practiced out of Hyde Park


Anonymous said...

I too am a close friend of Nova, and we all knew that Ava was Eddie's baby. Eddie's wife Patrica didn't want to believe that Eddie would mess up like this and have two babies out of the marriage but he did. Things were getting bad when everything was slowly coming out that Fred wasn't the father (even though Ava has his last name)Fred became more aggressive. A lot of this would have been put to rest if Eddie would have admitted his love for Nova and the babies and ended things with his wife as he was planning to do! I guess not quick enough...

lois52 said...

this was a very bad thing which had happen to all three families curry,henry and also the goings family. young women these days shouldn"t play games with the babies fathers putting another mans name on the birth certificated there's always something behind it nova couldn't been to scared of mr goings because she let him in to her apartment.i really think he lost his mind when the murders happen