Monday, February 23, 2009

Fredrick Goings charged + details of that day

A black Range Rover belonging to Fredrick Goings was parked just outside Nova Henry's townhome early on the morning of Jan. 24, hours before her body and that of her infant daughter Ava were discovered

Using cell phone records, investigators tracked down the SUV to the parking lot of an Indiana hotel. Inside the vehicle they found a bullet and a casing that matched the caliber of those used to kill Henry and her daughter. Authorities also found what they later determined was gunshot residue police on the driver's side door, the steering wheel, the shift knob and the console, the prosecutor said. They also found the bullet and casing, which were determined to fit a .380 Bersa, a handgun that Goings owns.

Back at the townhouse, investigators also found that someone had logged onto Goings' Yahoo email account on Henry's laptop and downloaded a document related to Goings' lawsuit against Henry for $23,000 in fees for legal services, the prosecutor said.

Slattery-Boyle ordered Goings held without bail. He had been the chief suspect since the slayings, which occurred on Goings' birthday, according to court records.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

that is so sad

Anonymous said...

So sad, that baby was so cute she looked just like a baby doll.