Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eddy Curry goes to court for custody of son

In a hearing today, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kelly told Eddy Curry's attorney, Kelly Saindon, that Curry should appear next Thursday for a hearing over whether he should be granted custody of his son.

The boy is currently in the custody of his maternal grandmother Yolan Henry. Her attorney
told the judge that Noah's maternal grandmother should be granted custody of the boy until
the NBA season is over.

Lester Barclay, an attorney appointed by the court to represent Noah's interests, said he had concerns over whether the boy's grandmother is truly the one caring for him during the day, and over the possibility the boy may have some developmental delays.

An agreement in place before Nova Henry's death provided that Eddy Curry would gain custody of their children in the event of her death.

This is bananas!!!!! I heard that HIS mother wants custody and not him....

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