Monday, March 16, 2009

Mark Fuller (Fulliflavor) fed up with the racism at Chicago's clubs

I’m Fed Up, I quit supporting these bogus downtown establishments that dont respect me and my dollar!

I apologize to everyone who went to Spy Bar this past Tuesday to find it closed. I wasn't notified until that evening that, not only was the party canceled for the night, but it has been canceled indefinitely due to fights at other clubs in the area that happen to be African-American promoted events and have nothing to do with me and my Tuesday night at Spy Bar. Amazingly, my Tuesday night event was the only “URBAN night” (as they call it) at Spy Bar. All other nights, including “non-urban” (as they call it) hip hop nights at Spy Bar, are still in effect. The Nightclub and Restaurant industries are in need of some extreme Diversity Sensitivity Training!



Question: Why is it that every time I want to do an ongoing event somewhere downtown, I have to be committed and promise to try to bring a diverse clientele into the establishment when my OTB (other than black) counter-part isn't required to make the same commitment?
Can you imagine a club owner telling a white promoter, “you can do the night, but only if you are going to bring in a mixed crowd." IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!

On another note...
I am also very hurt and angered by the way Alhambra Palace's security staff, ownership and management treated me and my First Fridays customers last Friday night. Even though we had an agreement with the restaurant to utilize the larger front main entrance for registration, we were not allowed to and were told 5 minutes before the event started that we had to use the narrow back/fire escape door as our main entrance, making it logistically impossible to expedite entrance for the capacity crowd that showed up for the event. In addition to the very unaccommodating attitude displayed towards my First Friday Company, Alhambra security mishandled and disrespected me and my customers.

Both of these incidents happened within days of each other and these situations have led me to take time out of my busy schedule and write this email. Most promoters are scared to stand up and say something about this, and that's fine, because I GOT THIS. As you all know, this isn't the first time I have stood-up against these practices. I refuse to sit back and be quiet while this industry continues to disrespect me and my customers...this isn't the 60's! Every time one of these emails go out, everyone gets mad and sends a stream of emails for about a week and then we are right back supporting these establishments. I need you all to join me and say NO MORE!

Everyone on this list knows the type of crowd I have and how well-behaved my professional clientele is; my reputation speaks for itself, therefore, there is no good reason for me or my supporters to be treated less than the kings and queens we are.

Special shout out to the downtown businesses that appreciate my business and have exceeded my expectations when it came to accommodating me and my clientele:

Funky Buddha Lounge (which has a sign on the building that embraces and celebrates diversity)
Rainforest Cafe
Sax Hotel
Flirty Girl
Butterfly Social Club(which also has a sign on the building that embraces and celebrates diversity)
House of Blues
Victor Hotel
The Shrine (Grand Opening this May)
The Exchange (Grand Opening soon)
The Renaissance Hotel (take your clients to the weekday lunch the chain!)
To name a few and there are more...

Yes, I know we need our own downtown, but until that happens, and going forward, let’s not just send out these emails when places treat us bad, let’s also praise those that treat us well so that they may reap the benefits of our appreciation. I know some of the places I named may not be the hot new in-spot that we love to support, but I would rather hang out at a place that appreciates and respects me and my money, than to be a patron and spend money in a place that wished I was elsewhere.

Please do not respond to this email with your laundry list of other establishments that are terrible, or examples of how terrible the places I indicated treated you; instead, send it to your friends, start a blog, and let’s stop supporting these places and most importantly, let’s stop bailing these places out when they are on their last leg and begging for our business before they close their doors!!! You know what you can send me, a good civil rights attorney. : ) I'm done venting, Peace and Love!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was not the Club that shut the night down....

I think business men all respect the dollar.