Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mrs Windy Rant: Ciara swagger jacker?

So this whole Ciara vs Beyonce thing is crazy and you know Mrs Windyhad to sit down and collect my thoughts. Did Ciara swagger jack Beyonce? Oh please….. honey I love them both! I love Ciara dancing andshe’s a sexy Scorpio like me…. And I love me some B!

BUT- swagger jacking? So Ciara set down and went through ALL of Beyonce performances and said let me take that piece and this piece and put together a video? Hell no. There are directors and visionaries that put together a story board and present it. I love CiCi’s video!

Bloggers are calling her a hoe and a skank but I bet they can’t move like C! Lets be real who is truly original anymore? Beyonce’s“Single Ladies” is a tribute to J Setting or whatever it is and ‘borrowed’ some old school moves! Now C may not be the best vocally but she holds her own in dancing.

Don’t get me started on how I think Beyonce has dumb down her music…remember Dangerously In Love???? Classic and she has never did anything better than that….. don’t get me started that Ciara has had some trouble getting her third album off the ground and tries all these avenues for main stream acceptance…..

Swagger jacking? Nope…. Just a bunch of stylists, directors and visionaries that made this video a hit. I know this…. Ciara has made me steal her swagger…. Gym swagger that is….

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