Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mrs Windy Rant: Keri Hilson diss

I ain’t tryin’ to start no mess there’s just something on my
chest that I
need to get off…Your vision cloudy if you think you the
best. You can dance
(CIARA?), she can sing (BEYONCE), but need to move
it ‘to the left’.”

“She need to go have some babies. She need to sit down she fading.”
(Hell that could be Mary J, who she has written for)

“Go head tell
these folks how long I been writing YOUR songs… I been
putting you on… check
the credits hoe!…If you want me you can find me in
Decatur hoe.” (Could be

So check this.. the internet is flying with these rumors that the remix
of Turnin Me On (my jam!) is directed at B and Ciara. You know, who
really cares? We all have those days where we want to call out and
check our jobs, man, etc. I know I want to call out a whole lotta of
people today.

Keri has written for so many people and it can be from that long list.
Let it go! Maybe B or C wanted one of her songs but wasn't going to
give her credit OR started to act shady. I think its hilarious and I
think it may just put Ms Keri on the map. So let her vent and let the
battle begin. Im pretty sure Ms Keri knows her place in the singing and
performing world. There are some that are better than her and some that
aren't but all in all the people that's talking ......... Ms Keri has
got PAID off those songs written. Much more than we have

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ImLudaChris said...

Ummmm WOW....Keri is off the hook!

Make Love not War keri...Hmmm that sounds kinda hot...B, Ciara and Keri

(mental picture)