Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boooooo get off the stage

**** This is a weekly poll that I ask you, to vote for the person who should get off their platform. So tell me who should we tell, "Booooo get off the stage!"

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1) Beyonce: she is now hawking Direct TV! From cell phones (which she claims he doesn’t use), American Express, House of Dereon/ Deron lines, cosmetic/perfume endorsements ----- and don’t forget her special screening of Beyonce Live DVD in select theaters! She's everywhere but her fans and the public wants her to sit down for at least 6 months and believe me, we will still remember you!

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2) Britney: Oh my. Girl let it go and let your natural hair (bald or faded) show.

Speaking of Britney, Lil Kim is featured on a remix of "Gimme More." Listen/download HERE

3) Keyshia Cole: This video says it all

1 comment:

MzQ said...

any other time I would give this award to beyonce but must go to Keyshia cole for the mess that she didnt give us in columbus LOL