Friday, November 16, 2007

R.Kelly publicist resigns + Donda West tribute

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Regina Daniels, publicist for R.Kelly and wife of famous West Side, “George’s Music Room” owner George Daniels has resigned.

She states that “I have always prided myself on professionalism, respect and loyalty," says Daniels. "I ended my relationship with Kelly because there are some lines you just don't cross." Her husband George has also disassociated himself with Kelly.

News Via: Chicago sun Times/ Stella Foster

For many years Kelly and the Daniels maintained a personal and deep relationship. George has played a key part in Kelly’s career, the music store often held album signings for Kelly. I wonder what happened? Was it the trial (or lack of one), the allegations, or just growing apart in a crazy industry?

Article on Dr. Donda West

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On Friday in the Chicago Tribune Online, an excellent article was written on Donda’s and Kanye’s life together. They also spoke to Lupe Fiasco about family…..

"When people ask me is there something in the water in Chicago that turns out these MCs with the same flavor, I always respond that it’s our upbringing," said Lupe, a.k.a. Wasalu Muhammed Jaco, who grew up on the West Side. His mother traveled the world and is a gourmet chef. "I always bring up our mothers — Kanye’s mother, Common’s mother, my mother — that intellectual background, a very powerful intellectual role with a massive impact on the community. For the three of us in particular, I know we are who we are because of the influences of our parents."

and the music industry sensitivity to deaths......

"I haven’t spoken to Kanye, but I know what he’s going through," said Fiasco, whose father died last January. "One of the reasons I am speedily pulling myself out of the music business is that it didn’t fit into my schedule to mourn my father’s death properly. It was like you got to get on a plane next week. Or the day after the funeral you have to leave and go. Promoters would get salty because you have to miss a show to bury your father.”

Read the full story HERE

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