Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R.Kelly was hitting the Daniels daughter?

Awhile back I reported that Regina Daniels, R.Kelly publicist quit. is reporting the reason behind the drama. Allegedly Kelly slept with their daughter. The age when they allegedly slept together is in question because she is currently only nineteen. That’s her and Kelly in the exclusive pic above yanked from
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m said...

i am so sick of r. kelly and his young girl predilictions. music should not be enough to make people ignore the fact that he is exploiting underaged girls. when is he going to trial for making child porn?

LexyB said...

As far as I know the trial was deleyed due due to the prosecuter taking maternity leave or something like that. The fact is the alleged girl in tape (now woman) won't testify and the case is a mess esp thinking how the trial wouldn't be fair because of all the Chicago residents that love him. The jury would be totally screwed. I wish they would put me on their because I can't stand him