Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boooo get off the stage/Frozen Treats

The snow has fallen and I think we received about 4-7 inches. Don't quote me on that so today I decided to do a random non- Chicago post with the Sunday regular because I'm home, bored.

"Booooo get off the stage."
Rihanna concert outfits

I get the concept but shiny pleather?? If she dressed in simple leather with a splash of color, and take away some of the extra details like straps, gloves, ruffles, etc then I could get on board with that.

Jaime Foxx and his brazilian wax

A man should not be this smooth and bare in that "area". I know that wax hurt. Thats all I have to say and "suspect".

Video "vixens"

Speaking out on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some are in it to get a jump on acting careers while some date the celebrities and brag about the loot and the attention. Check out the video here I was appalled but not that shocked. It was a little sad when rappers are checking for 17 year old "vixens"

So who should Booooo get off the stage this week?

Frozen treats....

2007 Lunchbox Auction consist of signed and special designed lunchboxes by celebrities.


The auction benefits hunger-relief organizations Food Bank for New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa

To bid go here

Tiny (Xscape and T.I.'s main lady) has a travel company/website now. At least its not a clothing line.

Recently, Angela and Vanessa Simmons announced they would be releasing purses as part of their Pastry line. Here is a little preview

Also the Spring line will have satin and spandex dresses, embroidered denim, stretch charmeuse tops, French terry hoodies and pants, and more.

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WendyB said...

I'm with you...waxed men are bad!