Sunday, December 2, 2007

Boooooo get off the stage

Omarion and Bow Wow & the best of both worlds theme. From R.Kelly & Jay Z to Hannah Montana….don’t they realize we don’t want both worlds? Especially since Bow and O come from the world of men that still look like boys? Should they just boooooo get off both stages?

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Phony booties ( a la Lola Luv)—ok, ok I said I wouldn’t feed into it but there is a lot of talk about Angel aka Lola Luv and her new new booty. Seems like the new new thing is to get butt implants/injections and deny deny. From Angel, Kim K to CoCo (Ice-T’s wife) should we tell them in the future to reduce the size or boooo get off the stage?

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Ray J’s “rap career”. After releasing the Kim and Ray J sex tape ( and getting short changed in the money area as well as fans), dating Lil Kim, bragging about his package and now releasing a mixtape can we say it has been time to booooooo get off the stage?

So who does this weeks crown go to?

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ImLudaChris said...

LOL phony booties...that one phrase had me laughing