Saturday, December 1, 2007

Obama fundraiser in Harlem

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On Thurs in Harlem, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama held a fundraiser called, “ A night at the Apollo.” It was Obama's first campaign visit to Harlem, on the home turf of his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Obama was introduced by comedian and actor Chris Rock, who told the audience they'd regret and be embarrassed if they voted for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.
"You'd say, 'I had that white lady! What was I thinking?" Rock said.

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Some highlights of the speech: Obama stating, he's running for president because, "I'm tired of reading about Jena, I'm tired of reading about nooses, tired of reading about Justice Department that doesn't understand justice."
"The only reason I am standing here today is because somebody, somewhere decided to stand up for me when it was hard," Obama said.

Some of the residents thought that his visit was too late as it came at a time when the leading Democratic candidates are locked in a vigorous battle for black voters.
"Clinton still has an edge and a lead in the black community," said Donna Brazile, an ABC News consultant and former Democratic strategist. "For now, he's competing on her territory because she's widely viewed as someone who has championed civil rights, who has been on the front lines and along with former President Bill Clinton has fought to open wide the gates of opportunity for African-Americans," she said.


It doesn’t matter if he visited every state everyday. There will still be people that say it isn’t enough. What I really like about Obama is the fact that he hasn’t promised America anything. I always said if I ran for anything I would get up and say “I want to do these certain things if I get in office but unfortunately there are voting and higher powers that may not let that happen.” I know with the backing of Oprah and others this will be the most watched Presidential race in years.

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