Thursday, December 27, 2007

Esteemed columnist Mary Mitchell has some words for Brittini and Lance


Some highlights of the article:

  • Instead of thanking God that he is one of the few who can play pro football and make millions, Briggs has hired a lawyer to stop Tribbett from getting 20 percent of his $7.5 million annual salary.

  • Why would a multimillionaire like Briggs -- a man who has so much money he crashed his Lamborghini like it was a hoopty -- not want to see his own flesh and blood have the best that money can buy? Daddies who barely take home $25,000 a year, with no fringe benefits are required to give their baby mama 20 percent of that paltry sum.

  • The behaviors that apparently went on between Tribbett and Briggs and the other women is a stark reminder of what AIDS activists are up against, given the alarming rates of HIV/ AIDS infections among young black women. Although a lot of upwardly mobile Negroes like Briggs and Tribbett often turn their noses up at what's going on in the so-called ghetto, they are part of the problem.

  • Instead of doing better because they have learned better, Briggs and Tribbett are setting a tired example.

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