Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lupe's The Cool lands at #15


Lupe came in on Billboard's 200 charts for, "Lupe Fiasco's The Cool" at No.15 selling 143,000 units. Josh Groban's Christmas CD "Noel" stayed at the top of the charts for five weeks while Mary J Blige landed at number 2 with 629,000 units moved.

I am very disappointed because I thought there would be much more support for his album. There were great reviews about this album from press, bloggers, etc. But to Lupe: Keep ya head up! You have fans that don't care about numbers including Mrs Windy City.


Bianca said...

I love Lupe Fiasco's new album. I wish more ppl would embrace there talent. Thanks for visiting my site btw. Would u like to link?

ImLudaChris said...

Sorry Lupe but Get used to it!! Unfortunately if you don't "Dumb it Down" then you won't sell!...Maybe he should've "crank'd that fiasco" COOOOOOLLL