Saturday, December 8, 2007

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

Brit Brit (Britney Spears) celebrated her bday (pic above)....... speaking of crazed white girls Amy Winehouse wonders the streets topless and shoeless.....
Naomi lets us know why she’s Everyone’s Top Model in Marie Claire Espana...Other magazine takes: Victoria Beckham is on Elle’s January cover (See pic) ….. Rihanna performs in Austria + seventeen magazine outtakes

Don Imus back on air promising no more nappy headed comments and has two African American sidekicks …..Brad Pitt
is rebuilding part of Hurricane Katrina torn New Orleans with $5 million of his own money…….Nicole Richie and her baby daddy Joel hand out over $200,000 in freebies to expectant moms......

Yahoo’s top 2007 searches are out and number 7 is.....speaking of numbers Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated his 36th bday in Paris while talk is brewing that his contract with Def Jam will not be renewed

Sex and the City raps up production for the movie and now the movie traileris out!.....The Wiz 30th anniversary is here and a new anniversary DVD will be released with extra footage and bonuses, including songs by Michael and Diana.....Vannessa and Angela Simmons was out at a party and was informed they are the new socialites. They were “shocked” but Angela had a Kimora like grin going....

Deelishis trys to convince us her derriere is delicious (pic) but I think the soldiers took offense…. Speaking of derriere see a butt implant gone wrong and now sagging….. and Angel aka Lola Luv (above) new King spread


Don Marbury, Stephon Marbury’s father
Pimp C

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ImLudaChris said...

WOW@ Winehouse she looks HORRIBLE! That a shame! SMH