Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boooooo get off the stage

I thought beginning of the year, no one would seriously deserve to get a nomination. I mean its the start of a new year so everyone should be striving to be better than last year. But there is one issue that I did not write (for journalistic and other reasons):

Raz- B and Chris Stokes

If you guys haven't heard: A video was released with Raz-B and brother Ricky Romance (what in the world kind of name) claiming Raz was molested by Chris Stokes. Chris released a statement saying Raz has mental problems and the allegations weren't true. Another video was released that Raz stated the videos were personal and the allegations weren't true. Then his brother Ricky gave an interview stating they were threatened and the allegations were true.

Last week they were all (Raz, Ricky, Chris) at a restaurant together and claimed everything is fine.

So I must give them a whole Boooo edition. Who should get off the stage: us (the public, esp the blogger world for feeding into this craziness) or the individuals involved (for lying [maybe] and making this situation work in their respective favors)????

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