Saturday, January 5, 2008

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

George Lopez pulls a racist joke towards blacks but in Spanish? Speaking of racism, Judge Judy doesn’t like to hear black cases in her court?

P Diddy (pic) twins turn 1… speaking of babies T.I. and Tiny are expecting a boy plus his court date is pushed back

Kim K hosted NYE party in Miami at mansion and BF Reggie Bush showed up. Also in Miami, Christina Milian (pic) chilling on the beach. She will be dropping a new album this year. I actually liked her last album...speaking of singers,Rihanna gets $500,000 for private 40 min concert.

Vivica has sex tape? It looks like her to me. Watch here!

**Shout out to RichBoi at BBB… he’s leaving the blogging world

Only 5 days in the New Year and Britney had already let the chips fall. Full custody with no visitation has been granted against her. Reason: On Thurs night she refused to turn the children back over to Kfed and the police were called. She was said to be belligerent and non-cooperating. They took her to the hospital where she went under evaluation. She was released (Sat) with her father and Dr Phil at her side and now is at home. Keep watch at ONTD

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