Thursday, January 3, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: R.Kelly and George Daniels daughter CONFIRMED

In the pic above (yanked from Bossip) shows R.Kelly with Maxine Daniels
the daughter of famous George’s Music Room owner George Daniels. I
have learned from someone who is very familiar with Maxine, that pic was
taken in April of 2007 at her 21st birthday party at Bar One in Dekalb.
Maxine attends Northern Illinois, is a Lady of AKA and will graduate
this May.

Different sites reported her age wrong and stated she does not get
along with her step mother (Regina Daniels). My sources tell me that
this is not true and that it is her OWN mother that she has the
turbulant relationship with. Later she told some of her fellow sorority sisters that Kelly purchased her an iPhone and
that she and Kelly were “messing around”.

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Eb the Celeb said...

Whoa!!!... does she not know that is TROUBLE>>>TROUBLE...

and why would you want to...

at least she's legal this time... still half his age yet legal... so I guess he has learned a little lesson even though I still thinks he should go to jail... peeing on a 13 yo is just dead wrong!