Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lil Wayne arrested (again) in Arizona by the Feds


After receiving the email from All Hip Hop stating that Lil Wayne was arrested by Federal drug agents in Yuma, Arizona for felony charges of possessing dangerous drugs, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia, I was not surprised. What immediately came to mind was Louis Farrakhan speech in Oct 2007 in which he stated rappers such as T.I. and Lil Wayne are being set up by the US government. I’m not suggesting that situation BUT at the same time what is happening? I don’t know if Lil Wayne thinks he is invincible or exempt from the law but if on a majority of your tour/concert stops you are arrested then something is highly wrong. Also the fact that he was arrested by Feds doesn’t look good. Someone knows your habits, told and the people were watching. This outcome will be interesting.
House arrest maybe??

  • He was on the bus with 11 others
  • He consented to the search
  • Found: 105 grams of marijuana (3.7 ounces), almost 29 grams of cocaine (1.02 ounces), 41 grams of Ecstasy (1.05 ounces) and $22,000 dollars in cash.
  • He posted his bond of $10,185 dollars and is due back in court Jan 25th

Maybe I jumped to conclusions regarding this situation. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be dismissed?


T. said...

What I think is this: cops go where the easy arrests are. They bust people in the hood because they openly deal drugs on the corner in broad daylight out of paper bags. Rappers don't seem that good at committing crime discreetly either. Cops, like any employee, want to find the easiest way to get the most results. Busting rappers on tour is probably one of the easiest ways to bust for contraband on the planet unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

"Okay I'm out 'chea you niggaz done started it ya ordered it
Bullet find a home in ya arteries pardon me
But them niggaz won't touch not a part of me bet on it
Them niggaz belong in a sorority ain't that a bitch
Burn they bodies up for the authorities no evidence
You gon' stop f**kin' wit' them warriors from New Orleans
And I really think that it'd be better if
I just hit ya block wit that baretta and hop out and let her rip
Let her bang let her bust etcetera etcetera
You niggaz is scared of the southern part of America
Here it come got a gun never caught without one
"Niggaz wanna ball so I guess I gotta bounce 'em
Smokin' on a ounce of that shit from the mountains
People say I need to stop no I need a counselor
And I'm here you are gonna need a chopper
And I'ma need a lawyer and you gon' need a doctor"

Oh yes, the police were just watching him for NO reason at all!
I mean if you advertise your a "gangster" and say that you carry weapons and kill people why on earth would the police monitor you like that???

Grow up people! These little boys are not so innocent!

Love the BLOG!
The E-Biz

LexyB said...

thx T and LaShonda.... its just rly sad....