Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Obama & Clinton: War of Words

Last night, war of words/votes/past jobs erupted between Obama and Clinton. Some quotes:

He was helping unemployed workers on the streets of Chicago when "you (Clinton) were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart."

"There's a set of assertions made by Senator Clinton as well as her husband that are not factually accurate," Obama said. "I think that part of what the people are looking for right now is somebody who's going to solve problems and not resort to the same typical politics that we've seen in Washington."

Obama questioned why the New York senator had voted for a bankruptcy
bill that she later said she was glad hadn't passed.


She was fighting against misguided Republican policies "when you (Obama) were practicing law and representing your contributor ... in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago."

Clinton criticized Obama for voting "present" on dozens of occasions
while a member of the Illinois legislature.

Everyone is mad. I am sure Obama is tired from the outpour of questions from last week race fiasco where as Clinton is scared of how she is portrayed in the media as well as losing this race. Edwards said the right thing last night, "We have
got to understand, this is not about us personally. It is about what we are trying to do for this country." If these war of words continue they both will lose and people will shift to Edwards or decide to go Republican, because its like your family members continuously fighting over that same family secret. Eventually everyone stops caring and stays at home to avoid the problems. We know the candidates are not perfect but I am tired of this back and forth of word/mud slinging.
Lets move on people.

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T. said...

i'm not dem myself, but it's real interesting to see how this divides democrat voters, especially women and blacks, and seeing where the battle lines get drawn. fascinating race.