Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama news


---> Former Presidential runner and Senator John Kerry has decided to endorse Obama.

---> Gene Siskel Film Center planned to screen the movie "Senator Obama Goes
to Africa”
at the end of January but has canceled those plans until
after the campaign. The reason is the fear the IRS will view the screening as support of a candidate and endanger the film center's not-for-profit status

The film focused on his trip to Africa in 2006.

---> Mary Mitchell’s take on Clinton winning New Hampshire?

After ending up third in Iowa, Clinton was forced to get out of her
comfort zone and into a Dunkin Donuts to catch the front-runner, Sen.
Barack Obama -- a man she had dismissed as being beneath her political

Despite the frustration of a grueling campaign schedule,
I believe if
Clinton had finished in second place in Iowa, when she felt a
cry coming
on, she would have made a mad dash for the little girls' room.
So, while Clinton's tears may not have been of the crocodile variety,
they sure were convenient.

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