Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reginald Potts pleads not guity in Nailah Franklin case, may act as own lawyer

Reginald Potts, accused in the murder of Nailah Franklin plead not guilty Friday. He also asked the Judge to prevent prosecutors, Chicago Police, and Franklin family from talking to the media. In a hand written motion he thinks the prosecutor on his case who is running for State’s attorney will use his case to boost his public image and give press conferences about the case.

Also Potts is worried the publicity regarding the case will aid in an unfair trial. He stated he may act as his own lawyer if he can’t find a suitable private attorney. The judge was changed due to Potts’ sister working as a probation officer assigned to the original judge’s courtroom.

**This dude is hilarious because he is the only person talking to the media.

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